Marriage Research Paper Esl Writing Assignments

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Marriage Research Paper

I felt that it should mean something but that there was too much emphazes being placed on serious committment.On the subject of contraception anf family planning we had no disagreements.However, until we did decide to have children we agreed that contraception would be used.The discussion we had on which topics which couples should agree upon was filled with lots of disagreements.Early marriage has inflicted many harmful effects on both the children and the family involved in it.It is a practice that also affects the society too much greater extent.In various societies, countries, and tribes it is banned and a punishable offense but still many are practicing it either in a hidden way or by ignoring the rules.

We began to disagree on the issues of finances and the distribution of housework.

I felt that I should handle all the money as well as do my share of the housework.

Laura however, felt that she should be in charge of the money and that I should do all the housework.

“Teen Marriage: History, Statistics, Things to Consider.”

Marriage Relationships In marriage realtionships we expected to learn a number of things including the comprimises couple must make with respect to such things as careers, finances, and children.

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We stressed contraceptives because we felt that it was important not only to protect against pregnancy but as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Laura felt that love and serious committment should play a major role in whether or not a couple should have sex prior to marriage.

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