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Marriage Is Private Affair Essay

Conversely, her husband Nnaemeka is depicted as being on the other extreme because he is excessively worried about his father’s refusal to accept Nene as his wife.

This worry increases a great deal when he comes to visit his father in a last attempt to improve the relationship between the two, before they got married.

For several years, the marriage is not accepted by the boy’s father but eventually, the tough father-in-law has to bend before the power of the very love he defied in terms of his son’s marriage to the girl that he intensely loved.

Although Ne Ne is very eager to discuss her marriage plans, Nnaemeka is not very sure because of his father’s refusal to accept the marriage, primarily because Ne Ne is from another tribe.

There is a ray of hope in Nnaemeka who believes that over time, his father will change his mind, but the old man is adamant and holds on to his decision that he will never meet Ne Ne.

Nnaemeka is also not sure about his father’s response, which is evident when he says in the story, “Nnaemeka was silent for a while, and then began very slowly as if he groped for his words: I wish I were sure it would be happiness to him” (Chinua, 1952, p.1).

Surely, the two lovers are caught in a conflict amongst the old and new.

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It is ironical for the reader to note that Okeke’s pride makes him to distance himself from his son’s life and the same pride makes him to open the doors for his grandchildren.