Marketing Plan For Event Planning Business

Posted by / 21-Oct-2020 18:16

Like most marketing plans, there's no one right or wrong solution.It's a matter of picking and choosing, which strategies work best for your unique event.Remember that event promotion does not only have to be from the organizer’s side.Attendees can also advocate on your behalf by encouraging their networks to register for the event.The idea of a nurture email campaign is to gradually nudge the recipient towards the desired action (i.e.registering for the event) through a series of emails.

Attendees should be able to understand exactly what they will be receiving as a result of attending the event.More specifically, episodic content that focuses on a “behind-the-scenes” aspect of the event can be an effective way to develop considerable excitement.A great example of this would be the speaker series from Brightcove’s PLAY 2018 event.We want people to know that you're not paying for our salaries.We're trying to do this for you and invest everything back into the customer experience.

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Attendees receive a retroactive discount if people register with the link they shared on their social media networks.