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Marie De France Essay

As the narrator of events, she acts as a quiet observer, relating details of clothing, speech, and courtly lifestyles, as well as facets of social behavior.Although her Lais has a subtly didactic tone, Marie refrains from analysis or outright judgment, presenting an assortment of conflicts with unpredictable resolutions.Historians speculate that Marie may have been the originator of this form, but they concede that the absence of extant Breton lays, upon which Marie claimed to have based her own Lais, makes it difficult to determine the extent of her originality.

In both tales, those who stand between a supernatural being and their pursuit of virtue are severely punished.

Biographical Information Very little is known for certain about Marie's life; therefore, much of the information cited by biographers is conjectural.

In each of her three works Marie names herself as author, providing a clue to her identity and implying a concern for protecting her authorship.

The name by which Marie is known today was coined by Claude Fauchet in 1581.

While consulting a manuscript that included a collection of fables, Fauchet read in the epilogue, "Marie is my name and I am from France," and thereafter referred to the author as Marie de France.

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