Main Thesis Of The World Is Flat Statistic Coursework Hypothesis

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Main Thesis Of The World Is Flat

This article is about cosmologies in which Earth is or was held to be flat.

For the modern misconception that medieval Europeans generally thought the Earth was flat, see Myth of the flat Earth. The flat Earth model is an archaic conception of Earth's shape as a plane or disk.

and Mesopotamian thought, the world was portrayed as a disk floating in the ocean.

A similar model is found in the Homeric account from the 8th century BC in which "Okeanos, the personified body of water surrounding the circular surface of the Earth, is the begetter of all life and possibly of all gods." Scholars who believe that Hebrew cosmology came from the cosmologies of the Ancient Near Eastern cultures around them maintain that the Israelites also imagined the Earth to be a disc floating on water with an arched firmament above it that separated the Earth from the heavens.

about her; and it may well seem a hard thing to most men to cross over it."If you take a lighted candle and set it in a room, you may expect it to light up the entire interior, unless something should hinder, though the room be quite large.

But if you take an apple and hang it close to the flame, so near that it is heated, the apple will darken nearly half the room or even more.

Furthermore—if that wasn’t enough—the thesis claims that the Sun has an average diameter of 1,135 kilometers and NOT 1.4 million km.

The moon has a width of 908km, and are located 687 and 23 times closer to Earth respectively.

Others, however, have found it extremely disturbing since the thesis was written by a Ph. science student, and the professor is the ‘highest’ in academia.“Indeed, we find in the conclusions of the thesis clear indications of this stand and approach, expressions such as: “using physical and religious arguments”, “also proving the world scale of [Noah’s] flood”, “proposed a new kinematic approach that conforms to the verses of the Quran”, “the roles of the stars are: (1) to be ornaments of the sky; (2) to stone the devils; and (3) as signs to guide creatures in the darkness of earth”; and finally “the geo-centric model…While the heavens were variously described as being like an umbrella covering the Earth (the Kai Tian theory), or like a sphere surrounding it (the Hun Tian theory), or as being without substance while the heavenly bodies float freely (the Hsüan yeh theory), the Earth was at all times flat, although perhaps bulging up slightly.This analogy with a curved egg led some modern historians, notably Joseph Needham, to conjecture that Chinese astronomers were, after all, aware of the Earth's sphericity.The point of the egg analogy is simply to stress that the Earth is completely enclosed by Heaven, rather than merely covered from above as the Kai Tian describes.Chinese astronomers, many of them brilliant men by any standards, continued to think in flat-Earth terms until the seventeenth century; this surprising fact might be the starting-point for a re-examination of the apparent facility with which the idea of a spherical Earth found acceptance in fifth-century BC Greece.

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