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Macbeth Kingship Essay

The characters Duncan, Macbeth, Malcolm and Edward all represent their own brand of kingship and as the play progresses we see the faults in each of these.The first to represent kingship in the play is Duncan.Shakespeare contrasts the various modes of kingship in the play, a combination of political manoeuvring, religious and spiritual believe and the kingly graces as defined and appreciated by loyal subjects and the optimistic conclusion that those not in possession of their worth will not be accepted as kings and throughout the play we see the that the countries suffering or prosperity is a direct reflection of the moral of its king. This essay includes many valid points which need to be addressed individually and fully supported with appropriate references from the text.The essay would be improved by consideration of the structure of the answer; taking more time over each point and fully developing each claim.The main issue of the play regarding kingship regards the rule of Macbeth which gives a scenario of the latent potential for evil in kingship.It is clear Macbeths only interest is in his own agenda and plans which seriously contrasts with the list read out by Malcolm in the scene previously mentioned. Conclusion Addressing the character of Edward even though he doesn't show up on stage at all he is established as Macbeths opposite and contrasting sharply in regards to the religious aspect of the play, the doctor says people are healed by his ''holy touch'' , ''solicits heaven'' and is ''full of grace''.Conclusion Malcolm describes Macbeth as: "bloody, Luxurious, avaricious, false, deceitful, Sudden, malicious, smacking of every sin That has a name." (Act 4, scene 3, line 57).

Edward believes the heart of Scotland can be cured by pray but sends 10'000 men to assist Malcolm and Mac Duff showing diplomacy and strategy.

He will settle his debts of honour and give titles to the thanes: "Before we reckon with your several loves And make us even with you. Edward the confessor is King of England during the play. He is supposed to be blessed with a "heavenly gift of prophecy" that enables him to cure the sick by his touch.

This power is deemed a gift from heaven: "Such sanctity hath heaven given his hand" (Act 4, scene 3, line 144) ..more.

He is described as a sainted king by Macduff in Act 4 scene 3. Middle Also in this scene we see Malcolm testing Mac Duff's loyalty saying he is worse than Macbeth, even though it's not very ensuring that his believable lying and a quickness to flee following his father's murder shows fear but it does show he is learning from the mistakes of his father which is a subtlety in the play as to what kind of king he would be.

On a more evident note we do see he does know the characteristics of a king and already has loyalty from his subjects which shows a much more stable rule but is questionable if his accession to the throne was smooth and he will remain reliant on his nobles as I father once was.

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With detailed reference to the characters of Macbeth, Duncan, Malcolm and Edward in the play ‘Macbeth’, analyse William Shakespeare’s ideas and attributes towards kingship and assess what you think the audiences reaction to the play would be at the time.

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