Lord Of The Flies Leadership Essay 2 Forms Of Essay

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Lord Of The Flies Leadership Essay

The boys gather together for an assembly at the very beginning of the novel, and it's at this assembly that Ralph is elected as leader, almost unanimously.He's not elected on the basis of merit, but mostly based on the fact that he was the one to blow the conch that called everyone to the meeting.Me and my hunters, we're living along the beach by a flat rock. He doesn't care about the signal fire, or being rescued. He wants to enjoy himself and not do chores, and he's not worried about the future.This is a key difference between Jack's and Ralph's leadership.The final leadership type is background leadership.This is someone who's sort of running the show, but not explicitly.Self-appointed leadership is represented by Jack, who focuses on having fun, and hunting.Background leadership is represented by Piggy, who helps Ralph and feeds him ideas, but never takes credit or control himself.

He has the brains and organization needed to keep everyone together, keep the fire going, and make a sort of society.

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Piggy continues to feed Ralph ideas and help implement Ralph's ideas throughout the novel, without ever seeking overt credit or leadership. In Lord of the Flies, there are three main types of leadership: elected, self-appointed, and background.

Piggy's is the least obvious type of leadership, especially compared to the types represented by Ralph and Jack. Elected leadership is represented by Ralph, who focuses on the future, and being rescued.

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He goes off and starts a completely separate group that's all his own.

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