Literature Review On Stress Management

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Literature Review On Stress Management

Given the large body of literature available and the different situations they came from, it was remarkable that most of the papers reached relatively similar conclusions and gave often overlapping recommendations.

That helps support the assertion that themes from across the various studies can be applied to a more generalized campus.

Any solution to widespread stress must actively involve students over a long period of time, and focus on teaching sustainable tools that can be used car into the future.

This semester I am focusing on building a solid understand of how to identify and combat stress on college campuses, which included understanding previous research that had been complied on the subject.While this could be contributed to the influence of drugs and alcohol that the paper also focused on, the end result was still higher stress levels in students.Academically, a study performed on Indian students also found worse “goal orientation” among undergraduates as stress levels went up (Ahmad, 2013).Without understanding the full picture, any possible solution risks not addressing the problem fully.The literature has mainly provided two paths for reducing campus stress, a classroom based wellness curriculum or different variations of physical activity.

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It is little wonder that such a daunting transition, when coupled with academic and social pressures as well, has led to tremendous amounts of stress in students across the country.

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