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Listening To Music While Doing Homework

Ten years after the theory became wildly popular, a team of researchers gathered the results from almost 40 studies conducted on the Mozart Effect, and found very little evidence that listening to classical music really does help performance of specific tasks.They found zero evidence that IQ levels can actually increase when listening to classical music.The type of music does matter According to a study done at the University of Phoenix, as well as various other studies, listening to music with lyrics is quite distracting while you read, study, and write.

Or is it really a distraction they’re not aware of? The Mozart Effect The theory that listening to music, particularly classical music, makes people smarter, was developed in the early 1990s.If it's noisy, it's the best alternation There are always members of my family home, and it is always quite noisy.I get asked a lot about whether students with ADHD should listen to music when doing homework. They hear something, like a dog barking, and then they want to focus on that rather than the task at hand.Therefore, it has not been proven that listening to classical music, or any music for that matter, actually makes a person smarter or more intelligent.Music does improve your mood However, listening to music can make you a happier person, as music releases pleasurable emotions and increases dopamine levels.

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Some even say that without music, they can’t revise as it’s too quiet.

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