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Life Of Frederick Douglass Essays

In the beginning of the Civil War, Douglass put forward the slogan of immediate emancipation of the slaves, took part in the formation of Negro regiments, was an adviser to President Abraham Lincoln (“9 Interesting Facts About Frederick Douglass”, 2013).

In the post-war reconstruction period, he fought for the provision of full civil rights to slaves, advocated the democratization of the political life of the United States, for granting voting rights to women.

He played a leading role in the organization of the Negro National League of struggle for equality (“Frederick Douglass Biography”, n.d.).

Frederick Douglas has developed a program of political and civil rights for the black population of the country, especially the right to elect and be elected along with white Americans, and consistently fought for its implementation after the abolition of slavery.

Douglas’ greatest merit lies in the fact that he led the revolutionary wing of the abolitionist movement, actively fought for inclusion in its ranks of the working masses. Retrieved 27 August 2016, from https://org/2013/06/19/8-interesting-facts-about-frederick-douglass/ Frederick Douglass Biography.

Frederick Douglass is one of the most famous and influential African American leaders of the 19th century.Political activity of Douglas was subordinated to the idea of uniting all the anti-slavery forces, creating a mass abolitionist party.Douglas was involved in the organization of the National Freedom Party, the party’s activity of free soilers, Negro Congresses motion, the “Underground Railroad.” A brilliant writer and orator, in 1845 he published an autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.I want to be able to talk to them in 10 years about Frederick Douglass, and if they aren’t into Frederick Douglass I would wish that they have a passion about something, as I think many of them will.Most important, my foremost desire is for them to have the tools to express their passion, whatever that passion may be.

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Born a slave, he was doomed to experience the hardships of life and the suffering of many, but he found the strength and courage to fight for their rights and for improving the lives of others, infringed rights.

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