Lethal Injection Essays

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Lethal Injection Essays

It would be tempting to conclude from this litany, which is drawn from an annual report by the Death Penalty Information Center, that capital punishment is being reserved for the most horrific crimes committed by the most incorrigible offenders. The death penalty is not and has never been about the severity of any given crime.

Mental illness, intellectual disability, brain damage, childhood abuse or neglect, abysmal lawyers, minimal judicial review, a white victim — these factors are far more closely associated with who ends up getting executed.

Other states have gone to great lengths to hide their lethal-injection protocols from public scrutiny, even as executions with untested drugs have gone awry and pharmaceutical companies have objected to the use of their products to kill people.Campbell to his cell, where he sits awaiting his next date with death, now set for June 5, 2019.The pathetic scene was a fitting symbol of the state of capital punishment in America in 2017, a vile practice that descends further into macabre farce even as it declines in use. Campbell would have been the 24th person put to death last year.Inside the death chamber that morning, prison officials spent more than an hour searching Mr.Campbell’s arms and legs for a vein into which they could inject the lethal drug cocktail.

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Of the 23 people put to death in 2017, all but three had at least one of these factors, according to the report.