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Law Enforcement Research Paper

A recent National Academies of Sciences review supports existing research that proactive policing strategies seem to lower crime (1).However, that same report laments that quantitative research on proactive policing has mostly ignored effects on crime rates over long periods of time and with youth.The present article addresses that research gap by studying how contact with police may influence criminally delinquent behaviors by black and Latino adolescent boys across a 2-y period.Our findings raise concern that police stops may increase the likelihood that adolescents will engage in subsequent delinquent behavior.These findings raise policy questions about the influence of proactive policing on the trajectory of children.Proactive policing, the strategic targeting of people or places to prevent crimes, is a well-studied tactic that is ubiquitous in modern law enforcement.Four waves of longitudinal survey data demonstrate that contact with law enforcement predicts increases in black and Latino adolescents’ self-reported criminal behaviors 6, 12, and 18 months later.

Browse the ASC Division of Policing virtual issue for free.Proactive policing has radically changed how America experiences public safety.Instead of reacting to calls for service as was typical through the 1950s, police agencies now seek to prevent crimes by proactively deploying officers in places where crime is likely to be reported and interacting with the people most likely to be accused of crimes (1).Research and Development Papers The Research and Development Papers series is a collection of research papers that detail statistical methods that will be applied to analyzing and reporting official findings from BJS's data collection programs.Learn More Working Papers The Working Paper series is a collection of research papers that provide preliminary analysis of substantive, technical, and methodological issues.

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These findings suggest that administrators consider how the task scope of RPUs can be refocused to help law enforcement agencies achieve their goals.