Latest Essays Bank Exams

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Latest Essays Bank Exams

A scheme of setting up the SEZs in India was announced in the Export and Import (EXIM) Policy in March 2000.

But the implementation of this policy and the task of setting up SEZs on a large scale has gathered momentum only recently after the rules and regulations were clearly laid and amendments wherever required, duly made.

They can bring about a great transformation through opening up of the economy in the globalised world.

Considering the enormous success of China’s SEZs, and given the fact that both India and China have a similar socio-economic set up and are evenly matched in human and other resources, the SEZ model of development can lead to higher growth in India too.

The setting up of Special Economic Zones would result in the creation of lakhs of new jobs for skilled and unskilled workers.

The number of managerial jobs would increase tremendously.

The SEZ Policy also gives an impetus to private sector to overcome the country’s infrastructure problems which are considered to be a roadblock to attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Contributions of DRDO in Indian Defence - The Defence Research and Development Organization, DRDO, is India's leading R&D defence organization. The main aim was to improve access to technology to the people of the country.

It is celebrated with enthusiasm and fun everywhere. This essay on Chandrayaan 2 gives detailed information on the launch of Chandrayaan 2 and chandrayaan 1.

Students can take help for preparing article on chandrayaan and can read the article on Indian Space technology for exhaustive information. These points on women empowerment can be included in your speech on women empowerment.

Demonetization is a process in which a currency unit is no longer considered as a legal tender, and a newer version replaces it.

Many governments across the world have taken this measure to curb black-market and stop counterfeiting of currency notes. Pollution is introducing something into the environment that is dirty, unclean or has a harmful effect on the ecosystem.

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The Information Technology Parks and Computer Software as well as Hardware Parks being created through SEZs shall firmly establish India as an IT and ITES giant.

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