Journal Showcases Dying Art Research Paper

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Journal Showcases Dying Art Research Paper

For anyone interested in the news business, it’s hard to avoid the sense that newspapers are at death’s door.

Every day brings more news of layoffs, bankruptcies, and closings in the print journalism industry.

It is simple, yet a very complicated and powerful form of art.

Amar and his friend Sabyasachi nurtured this art and their performances around the globe left the audience awestruck and spellbound. However, their interest in this art was capitulated by pictures of hand shadowgraphy on the back of magic books.

“Craigslist has decimated newspaper classifieds.” Indeed, that’s the conundrum facing newspapers and their readers.

All agree that newspapers still represent an unrivaled source of in-depth news, analysis, and opinion and that if papers disappear entirely, there will be nothing to take their place.

But even with television grabbing more and more audience and ad dollars, newspapers still managed to survive.

“As they were whipping their horses into a lather to deliver the mail, beside them were these guys ramming in long wooden poles and connecting wires for the telegraph.

Opinions abound as to what newspapers must do to survive.

Many say papers must start charging for their web content to support print issues.

Economic hard times have only accelerated the problem.

Revenue from print ads has plunged, and even online ad revenue, which publishers had hoped would make up the difference, has slowed.

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Today, we have just 10 artists across the globe who still practice this art.

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