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Satan, as the leader of Hell, could not be satisfied with the achieved results and his inner suffering makes him continue his planning of rebellions.God’s power remained the object of Satan’s envy, and along with Satan’s hurt pride, it motivated the main negative character to build plans for making evil out of good and taking a revenge on God.which is based on the Christian story of the fall of humanity.Making Satan the main antagonist of the poem, Milton shows the inner struggle in the character’s soul and the process of his devolution, depicting him as a fallen angel gradually transforming into a devil.These dreams are of great importance for understanding and interpreting the plot, for understanding the characters and for understanding the author’s position of presentation the Bible themes.There are several dreams in “Paradise Lost”: - Jacob’s dream as Satan approaches Earth (III)- Raphael advises Adam to “Dream not of other Worlds” (VIII) - Adam’s dreams : one of Eden and one of Eve- Eve’s dream of eating from the forbidden tree and Eve’s dream of the “Promis’d Seed” .Since a plot of "Paradise Lost" is a biblical legend, the poem was numbered among the books of a pious nature, that can be viewed as a poetic presentation of the Bible.But Milton not just told the new interpretation of the biblican themes, and images, he just fully transformed them, showed from a new point of view.

Even coming to realization that God’s power cannot be overcome, Satan suggests uniting the efforts of all his followers for planning a rebellion against God.The beginning of the process of Satan’s devolution is depicted in the first book when this character starts forming an army of fallen angels, planning a rebellion against God.The main factors which influenced Satan’s decision to organize an attack on God were his arrogance, enviousness and unruliness.With all the attempts of making evil out of good which were not crowned with success, the tension in Satan’s soul grew, continuing the process of his degradation.In the fourth book, Milton shows Satan’s despair which intensifies suffering of the main negative character and catalyzes his insidious attacks of God.

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Thus, the process of Satan’s devolution was not over and at this stage, Satan’s plans become more sophisticated.

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