Item Analysis For Essay Items

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For example when the out­come is writing, naming supply type items are useful.

If the outcome is identifying a correct answer selection type or recog­nition type items are useful.

Planning of the test is the first important step in the test construction. Tests serve as a good instrument to measure the entry per­formance of the students.

It can be used to measure the entry performance, the progress during the teaching learning process and to decide the mastery level achieved by the students.

For some instructional purposes, the objective type items are most efficient where as for others the essay questions prove satisfac­tory.

For example if a test of 100 marks is to be prepared then, the weightage to different topics will be given as following.

Weightage of a topic: If a book contains 250 pages and 100 test/items (marks) are to be constructed then the weightage will be given as, following: The third important step in preparing table of specification is to decide appropriate item types.

Items used in the test construction can broadly be divided into two types like objective type items and essay type items.

(ii) Determining the weightage to different content areas. Therefore it must be planned how much weight ago to be given to different instructional objectives.

While deciding this we must keep in mind the importance of For example if we have to prepare a test in General Science for Class—X we may give the weightage to different instructional objectives as following: Table 3.1.

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In this step the test items are constructed in accordance with the table of specification.