Industrial Revolution Assignment

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Human society often need significant time to adapt to technical advancements. CONDITIONS FOSTERING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES DURING THE SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION The period between 1840-1900 is often known as the Second Industrial Revolution since a large number of innovative technologies were invented and developed during that time.These inventions announced the onset of a period of about 70 years of continuous and rapid technical advances.The Second Industrial Revolution was just as influential as the first, but in very different ways.And also like the First Industrial Revolution, the progress it brought on came with significant costs.

Because the First World War came immediately after the Second Industrial Revolution, no one really understood the effect that mass production could have on warfare.

Furthermore, the mechanization of production tasks meant that a lot of things that used to need several people to accomplish could now be done by one, leading to unemployment.

The solution to this, brought around in part by Roosevelt’s New Deal, was a shift of the workforce from production to services, leading to a better quality of life overall.

The twentieth century saw the fast rise in the development of industrial parks based on the chemical manufacturing of such items as dyes, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

The primary power source saw oil substituting coal as industries grew and become more prolific.

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As the rails stretched westward pollution followed in St.

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