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Illegal Immigration Research Paper

Two studies on the effect of immigration by Huddle (1993, 1994a), a study of the United States and a study of Texas, respectively, were commissioned by the Carrying Capacity Network. Cost and revenue estimates were presented for legal and illegal immigrants, with separate estimates for amnesty immigrants.

The Carrying Capacity Network is a national advocacy group with environmental and population concerns that urges reductions of population growth and a dramatic diminution of U. Workshop participants focused on the findings regarding illegal immigrants.

Huddle used an average cost approach extrapolated from national program costs per capita, adjusted for the participation rate of each group of immigrants—legal, amnesty, and illegal.

For example, for public assistance costs, he calculated the following: national cost per participant = program cost per participant national participation rate = number of participants/national population immigration participation rate = national participation rate multiplied by (immigrant poverty rate/native-born poverty rate) number of immigrant participants = immigrant participation rate multiplied by total immigrant population total cost = number of immigrant participants multiplied by program cost per participant Taxes paid are estimated similarly, using Los Angeles County revenue data (for both the national and Texas studies) for each tax divided by the total immigrant population with adjustment factors to obtain national estimates.

Data on household structure and income distribution were based on data for aliens legalized under the general 1986 amnesty, as surveyed in the Westat Legalization Population Survey.Citizen children of undocumented immigrants are children under age 18 who were born in the United States and whose mothers are undocumented persons.Workshop participants also pointed out several weaknesses of the Los Angeles County study.Finally, even if the studies had accurately measured the level of job displacement in Houston in the 1980s, the phenomenon of job displacement is so locally sensitive that the studies' results for Texas cannot be generalized to the nation (see U. General Accounting Office, 1995, for a complete discussion).Although the Huddle studies did attempt to be comprehensive, to measure net costs, and to estimate prospective public sector costs of legal and illegal immigration, workshop participants noted several problems.

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Taxes paid were estimated using a matrix of age, income, and household characteristics multiplied by the applicable effective tax rate.