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Attacking the problem would have few ramifications for the broader debate about restrictions on drugs versus legalization, for if these abusers would never have taken drugs without a doctor’s say-so, there’s no reason to think they’d get hooked on a drug that is legal but strongly taxed, regulated, and discouraged.But if, by contrast, the abusers of opioids are mainly individuals who abused them from the beginning, then the epidemic is a strong indicator of the consequences of entirely legalizing drugs.Now, when I did this book, this changed my mind, honestly.I came to think that really most drug problems begin because of excess supply—easy, cheap availability of a drug. To address the epidemic, it is imperative that we study how the supply of drugs rose.That said, those opposed to even the legalization of marijuana at this point have to admit that the public is not on their side.Support for marijuana legalization has crossed the 50 percent threshold.The facts suggest that a substantial share of the epidemic has occurred among people who began as non-medical users, which should prompt concern among those who have held romantic notions (as I have) about drug legalization.

This Liberty Forum essay, after giving an overview of how the epidemic spread, will argue that the second scenario predominates.

True, “war” is a terrible metaphor, because it is not something we can ever win.

Rather, it’s a continuous effort that reduces drug abuse relative to what it would otherwise be by raising the costs of using drugs.

The journalist Sam Quinones, author of (2015), a book chronicling the epidemic and the rise of Mexican heroin in the United States, described the shift in his own thinking in a podcast conversation with the economist Russ Roberts.

Quinones said that when he was in Mexico reporting previous books and articles, he had believed that all drug stories were demand-driven, and that drug scourges were created by demand for those drugs.

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In 1999, the year the Centers for Disease Control switched to a new system for tallying causes of death, Americans suffered fatal overdoses at a rate of six per 100,000.