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Ict Business Plan

This document is NMSU’s document, not an IT product.This document is “tuned” by engaging you via multiple outlets: surveys, meetings, and direct community input through suggestions and discussion.Streamlining business processes with an ICT infrastructure can help you achieve cost reduction and productivity goals, as well as improving customer service.

Your teams can also collaborate with suppliers and other external groups, such as research laboratories or universities, giving you access to expertise and skills that can improve your ability to innovate.We know that without these IT services, the global business of NMSU would be harmed.Even though we have a large operational task list, it is fundamental that IT have and maintain an IT strategic plan.We are responsible for maintaining, programming, and upgrading the “core” computer and software systems.We are responsible for the telephones, networking, and classroom technology that directly impacts NMSU students.

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As part of the institution’s strategic planning process, IT continues to plan for the support of institutional goals.

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