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The humanities is a broad academic discipline concerned with how the people throughout history have expressed, confronted, understood the complexity of human values or conditions.The humanities seeks answers to the central questions of the meaning of human life.From dance and music to abstract art our concept of life is shown through the various ways in which we interpret it.We use the Arts as a means of touching that part of us that we cannot reach with Physical Science, Social Science, or any of the other Humanities.Writing an essay on a humanities subject can be challenging.Humanities are the subject of study which deals with the different aspects of human thought and culture.Humanities, art, style, genius, culture, bourgeois what do each of these words mean? Webster's Dictionary defines the term "humanities" as "Those branches of knowledge, such as philosophy, literature, and art, that are concerned with human thought and culture; the liberal arts." One might say that the humanities consist of subjects that are outside of the fields of science and mathematics; the fields that cannot be defined by hard numbers. Students take one quarter of world cultures, American cultures, or gender studies (may overlap with non introductory humanities courses). Additionally, they enroll in eight semesters of humanities, arts, and social science during four years of undergraduate study. The human behavior is known as being unpredictable depending upon an individuals surroundings.

The arts play a valued role in creating cultures and developing and documenting civilizations.

This subject embraces a wide variety of subjects under its umbrella including the arts, politics, history, geography, civics, languages, music, speech, drama, psychology and so on.

Although each of these subjects is unique, there is a thread of commonality woven amongst them: the essays should reflect not only the logical thought processes but also the feelings of the writer and the participants under study.

The humanities also deals with the contribution of human beings to advances in artistic forms which is a careful organization of the elements within a work, advances in literary expression or philosophical thought, the use and study of language, and the application of values to all human enterprises.

Today we think of humanities as those areas concerned with the advances in science, math, engineering, psychology, and other disciplines and professions when those advances are understood as a part of our culture.

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Let us see a few pointers for writing a good essay in humanities.