How To Solve Blue Screen Problem In Windows 7

Posted by / 11-Jul-2020 01:29

What is Blue Screen The dreaded "blue screen of death" is a computer user's worst nightmare.

It is an error that is very hard to deal with and can cause a lot of delay and uncertainty to the owner.

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If you succeed, the cause of BSODs is software related.

Hardware issues – Faulty hardware in your PC could be triggering your blue screens.

Hence, you should test your computer’s memory for errors and then examine your computer to ensure it is not overheating.

The operating system will not be taken out through an app crashing so don’t waste time looking at them as the cause of the screen.

A STOP Error is the catalyst for blue screen appearing.

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If you cannot test any hardware, get help from an expert technician. Boot your PC into Safe Mode – This is a good troubleshooting route if you get a blue screen each time you try to start your PC.