How To Make A Robot That Does Your Homework

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How To Make A Robot That Does Your Homework

In a stroke of genius, she bought a robot and trained it to imitate her handwriting.

While some argued that she cheated, others applauded her initiative.

Says one 9-year-old boy in Germany: “When I get home, my robot helps me with my homework. A quarter of kids surveyed imagined that their robots could deal with chores and boring work so that they might be freed up to focus on learning and creative activities.

My mother and father [came in and said] no video games now, homework first, but when they saw that I was already finished and had done everything correctly, they were glad that I had made friends with the robot.” The robot provides the patience that humans just don’t have. Most robots thought up by kids had natural social intelligence and plenty of knowledge to share.

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Her mother sensed that something was off and decided to do some digging.

If you are fed up with so many assignments or you have tried to determine what to write, but you cannot find anything, then you do not need to worry.

So, rather than repeatedly copy phrases from textbooks dozens of times, the robot simply performed the task for her.

In the end, the teen completed her homework in two days – faster than expected.

Another person said: “The difference between humans and other animals is that they know how to make and use tools.

Today’s adults have lived most (if not all) of their lives without interacting with humanoid robots; it’s only recently that bots like Asimo and Nao have entered popular consciousness.

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Following Qianjiang Evening News’ report of the event, a debate was sparked on Weibo, a popular social media platform in China. Being proficient at reading and writing in Chinese requires learning thousands of characters.