Homework Survey For Parents

Posted by / 04-Oct-2020 05:31

What is the justification for such extreme levels of homework?

Apparently some educators either: (a) mistakenly believe excessive homework benefits students and families or (b) are sadly out of touch with the amount of time students spend on homework assignments.

So, over this past winter break, I did my homework, i.e., I prepared this memorandum for my child's school which included questions, observations and recommendations for improving homework practices, as well as a proposed Survey of parents, students, teachers and administrators regarding homework.

To be sure, I'm no educator but as a forensics expert, I know a little about asking probing questions to get at underlying truths.

Happily, our school’s national and state rankings suggest it is academically top-notch.

So much for the so-called “break.” hours every night to advance their training in their given major.Likewise, the individual schools, should have established homework policies, guidelines and compliance monitoring systems.The Survey proposed in this article, if undertaken, should ensure that the policies are appropriate.Homework is a school-based decision.” In my opinion, it is absurd for any School District to completely ignore the important issue of homework given the profound impact it has upon student learning and student and family lives.Every District should, at a minimum, have policies stating that homework should be necessary and appropriate for students at given ages and excessive, counter-productive homework which is detrimental to students should be avoided.

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Ask that parents be provided with any information indicating that homework loads are limited to any such applicable standards.

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