Homework Calendar For Kindergarten

Posted by / 26-Apr-2020 03:14

I posted a freebie for you guys last September but didn't want to roll out a whole year's worth of homework without testing it out myself.

Just type in the year ONE TIME and click the magic wand to automatically update all 12 months at once with the correct dates!

Each month is available in two formats, seven or five days (Mon-Fri) and they do include holiday references such as Santa in December and bunnies and eggs in April.

If you are not allowed to reference holidays in your program these calendars are not for you.

I plugged in some fun stuff during major holidays but also left the activities generic so if you have students who are Jehovah's Witnesses or don't celebrate certain holidays for other reasons they won't have to be exempt from any of the activities.

And if you really don't want to have any homework assigned over your break, just white out the activities before photocopying!! Teachers Pay Teachers has everything 10% off through midnight tonight but since I didn't get it posted before the start of the sale, what do you say to an extension?

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