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Homework Assistance Program

This wonderful effort is a joint venture of Southeastern Louisiana University and Livingston Parish Schools.

Teacher candidates from SLU fulfill class requirements by assisting our students.

The Homework Assistance Program began in the 2004–2005 school year and has successfully been helping students with homework organization and task completion since its inception.

Students in grades 1–5 work collaboratively with La Jolla Elementary teachers and other students at their grade level at an approximate 10:1 ratio.

The Tutoring and Homework Program focuses the efforts of teachers on the diagnosed academic needs of students and harnesses the energies of tutors and learning assistance staff to reinforce the teachers’ efforts.

The relationship that develops between tutors, teachers and students provides the kind of guidance, support and inspiration necessary for their future success.

The tutoring and homework program gives students an opportunity to do homework, use computers, get help and/or study in a pleasant, well-supervised environment.

To allow students to receive tutoring services that they would not normally be able to afford. To provide student and adult tutors with a rewarding opportunity to provide their time and academic expertise to others in need.

Tutoring and Homework Program will be available from Tues. pm-pm and Saturday – Sunday 11am- 12pm (one hour sessions) at MAD4YU Resource Center.

Our tutoring and homework program is dedicated to raising academic achievement levels for youth in the Richmond and Tri-cities areas.

Helping the student achieve the outcomes of the tutoring and homework activity translates into student success in the classroom the following day.

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Students registered in this program are tutored at Making A Difference For You Inc.

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