High School Entrance Essay

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But, they do want a brief story that helps them get to know you as an applicant.

Most private schools give you an option of essay writing prompts.

Schools provide these as guidelines to get you to put in some effort to your work, but also prevent you from going overboard.

If you're invested in the topic, passionate about it even, then that will show through in your writing sample.

Read your admission essay carefully, review it, think about it. If you need to, make a checklist of things you need to accomplish with your essay and make sure when you review it that you're actually meeting each requirement.

To ensure that your essay flows well, a great trick is to read it out loud, even to yourself.

You need to actually put some effort into writing a good story - yes, you're telling a story in your essay. Also, remember that writing to a specific word count doesn't mean that you should just stop when you hit the required 250 words either.

Few schools will penalize you for going over or under a word count slightly but don't obliterate the word count.

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