Hamlet Revenge Tragedy Essays

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As another classical critic, Horace, wrote in Ars Poetica "I shall turn in disgust from anything of this kind that you show me (Horace 85)." When we see the bodies lying on the ground at the end of the play we realize the futility of Hamlet's actions and that evokes disgust.

Hamlet wishes to get revenge when Claudius' "Soul may be damned and black / As hell, whereto it goes (Shakespeare 3, 3, 94 - 5).

One of the foremost Elizabethan tragedies in the canon of English literature is " Hamlet" by William Shakespeare and one of the earliest critics of tragedy is Aristotle.

One way to measure Shakespeare's work, "Hamlet", is to appraise it using the methods of classical critics to see if it meets the criteria for a tragedy.

Shakespeare's character's in Hamlet illustrate the theme of the drama, however Aristotle would have disagreed with Shakespeare's choices.

To understand character in terms of theme one must compare the characters.

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It is the type of revenge that Hamlet insists on that shapes his character and forces the bloodshed at the end of the play.