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Regular exercise is known to release endorphins, which are your body’s natural feel-good biochemical compounds.

Residents typically share a dorm room in the first phase and each house will have a senior resident who is the house manager.

Sober living homes offer individualized recovery plans and provide an environment that allows residents to work on their unique recovery program with the goal of becoming self-supportive.

Sober living relies heavily on the philosophy of peer support and involvement for recovery.

For example, residents may be required to do community service or attend 12-step meetings every day for 90 days for the first relapse.

The biggest difference between sober living houses and halfway houses in the United States is that halfway houses generally require that residents either have already completed or are actively enrolled in some type of formal rehabilitation treatment program; sober living homes do not.

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Many halfway houses will only accept residents who do not have criminal records because halfway houses that accept ex-convicts have experienced opposition from neighbors when trying to locate their halfway house in certain neighborhoods.

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