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Through the use of repetition of ‘love’s sake only,’ Barrett Browning enforces the persona’s need to be loved for her essential self, rather than for aspects hich may be affected and changed over time.

Barrett Browning uses words with spiritual connotations such as ‘evermore’ and ‘eternity’ in order to allow the responders to appreciate the purity of endless love.

’ Through the narration of an ‘objective’ young man Nick Caraway; ‘The Great Gatsby’ depicts the strong rejection of moral and spiritual values during the 1920s.

Scott Fitzgerald utilises the narration of Nick Caraway to demonstrate Jay Gatsby’s idealistic value of Daisy.

May be unwrought so’ conveys the idea that love, built upon a weak foundation, can be destroyed just as easily as it was formed.

This notion is portrayed also y Fitzgerald through the characterisation of Daisy.

Furthermore, this implies that Gatsby and Daisy’s love is not the genuinely unconditional love referred to in Sonnet XIV by Barrett Browning.

In the Sonnet XIV the enjambment used by Barrett Browning in order to create audible interest, ‘love so wrought…

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” through the use of an exclamation mark, which allows the audience to understand her utter devotion to her lover.