Ghost Dances Themes Essay

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Like Coco, each of these dancers stood in one place and made what could best be described as bodily movements or actions, such as bending at the waist, moving the arms, or tilting the head — small, jerking movements that looked more like expressions of pain than what someone might ordinarily associate with dance.

Vangeline’s placement of the dancers was extremely well done, an example of an experienced choreographer using performers to not just fill a space but to convey meaning through it.

Discussing the reasons for the rise of the ghost story, Sullivan proposes that the trend was part of a larger Edwardian fascination with the extraordinary as well as a reflection of the restlessness that infused the society and culture of the time.

Other critics have proposed that the growth in popularity of the ghost story at this time was a direct response to the cultural crisis that confronted intellectuals of the era, a reaction to the realism that permeated the writing of such authors as Dickens and Thackeray.

Positioned in the foreground, she faced the audience and moved her arms slowly in the air, crying with a facial expression that was nonetheless controlled and stoic.

Apart from her, groups of two or three dancers stood in the background, dressed in black.

Although use of ghosts and apparitions in literature can be traced to Greek and Roman times, it was not until the nineteenth century that the use of supernatural elements became a common literary device in English literature.

The dance was divided into segments, brief, choreographed incidents that together constituted the whole work.

Lights would shine on a group of performers, Maiko Ikegaki and Azumi Oe, for instance, and they would dance and mirror each others’ movements; then the spotlight would darken, and another one would shine on a different group of dancers, who began their choreography, and so on.

Kaidan tales continue to be popular in contemporary Japanese society, and have now expanded to include tales not just of the supernatural, but also the surreal and other horrors.

While nineteenth-century English authors are most often credited with the proliferation of the ghost story phenomenon, other European countries also have a strong tradition of stories dealing with the supernatural.

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