Geochemistry Research Papers

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Geochemistry Research Papers

The predecessor of the State Key Laboratory of Ore Deposit Geochemistry (SKLODG) is the Key Laboratory of Ore Deposit Geochemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences (KLODGCAS) which was established in 1989 on the basis of the Division for Studying Ore Deposits in IGCAS.The SKLODG was approved to be constructed in 2006 and verified by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2009.

Beneficial elements regulate or promote enzymatic and hormonal activity whereas other elements may be toxic.Two configurations each of monodentate and bidentate adsorbed chromate as well as an outer-sphere and a dissolved bichromate were simulated.In addition to the 3-D periodic planewave DFT models, molecular clusters were extracted from the energy-minimized structures.Yoko's research focus: surface chemistry and its effect on mineral and organic matter interaction in natural waters; cohesive marine sediment diagenesis.Please note, we are currently updating the 2018 Journal Metrics.

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Invited papers and proposed submissions will highlight important challenges in environmental geochemistry and soil chemistry and will introduce current advances in these areas.