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Ge Essential Tomosynthesis

“We compress the breast to a minimum diagnostic thickness of 3cm to 4cm, and then we say to the woman, ‘Every Newton of extra pressure we get will increase our diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.’” Studies have shown and O’Connor’s experience confirms that, on average, patients will apply an extra 30% of pressure when thus engaged in the acquisition of their mammograms O’Connor adds that although the Pristina gathers a more detailed and comprehensive set of images, the ergonomics of the machine from an operator perspective, and the intuitive and sensitive design of the machine as experienced by patients, actually reduces the time needed to position each woman and acquire images.

For Coastal Medical Imaging that means more time spent engaging with patients and understanding their medical history and circumstances.

With a growing number of studies in Europe and the US showing 3D mammography detects more cancers than 2D, and that it also reduces the incidence of false cancer diagnoses, Breast Screen Victoria is now trialling 3D tomosynthesis, for effectiveness and feasibility in the broad Australian context.

In tomosynthesis the x-ray tube moves in an arc over the compressed breast to capture multiple images from different angles.

GE has developed a paddle that has flexibility, resulting in much less of that shearing effect, but which still gives good compression.” Pristina’s soft armrests which replace the more common hand grips, also help women to relax their muscles, easing discomfort and aiding clear image acquisition.

The biannual call to have a mammogram has long been regarded with fear — of the outcomes — and loathing of the uncomfortable, often painful, procedure.

As 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, Sunshine Coast radiologist, Dr Sean O’Connor has one message for women: “Let us find breast cancer before you do — when it’s small and treatable.” He identifies two aspects of mammography as critical to accurate, early — before you may even feel a lump — detection of breast cancers: medical-image quality and adherence of women between the ages of 40 and 74 to bi-annual screening.

In February this year, O’Connor’s Coastal Medical Imaging and László Tabár Breast Centre became the first Australian site, and the third medical-imaging clinic in the world, to instal imaging technology that significantly improves the outcomes of both clarity of breast images, and the level of comfort and care that women experience during screening.

Senographe* Essential offers efficient workflow and high-quality images on an upgradeable platform for advanced applications.

With careful attention to a woman’s health, from low-dose imaging to an innovative, interactive approach to mammography — Senographe Essential defines patient experience.

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We use it on every single patient and we realistically find cancers that other people did not,” he says.

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