Franchise Model Business Plan

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Franchise Model Business Plan

The following plan is based on years of experience, is highly focused and promises to follow a path of prosperity.It is based on conservative sales figures, and actual sales may be higher.These two reasons for our existence are inextricable.If one aspect does not exist, the other will cease to exist.

We will visit any table or answer to any phone call that has feedback, positive or negative.

Many business owners outsource the drafting of the business plan to professionals, the problem with this is that the business plan completed is not always an accurate reflection of the business owner’s vision.

This can result in miscommunication of the business owner’s idea and may lead to potential investors or funders getting the wrong message.

To succeed with our goal, and to encourage a healthy lifestyle, we will sponsor local sporting events, and give 3% of profits to local charities. We will also market our products with local businesses, the famous Shakespearean Festival, to local hotels, and offer catering services through local party supply stores and through close ties to local hotel managers and executives.

Our primary goal for this plan is that it help us secure this 0,000 SBA loan.

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Franchise businesses are great in that they have much higher success rates than starting a business from scratch.

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