Financial Analysis Assignment Quotations Or Italics For Essays

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Limitation The financial analysis refer to quantitative factors are lack of reliability because the good or bad of a company are also affected by qualitative factors such as reputation and management.

Hence, the value did not consistent with the changes in real value that is cause by economy condition such as inflation or market mechanism.The external or internal environment such as economy condition, industry advancement, company’s operation or consumer preferences are uncertain and difficult to show in the minor part of analysis.For instance, the analysis did not reflect the reputation of the business.Change in economy condition cause to changes in currency value and price level.During inflation, the price level will increase and value of money may be smaller.

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It includes Profitability Ratios (Return on Assets and Return on Capital Employed), Liquidity or Short-Term Solvency Ratios (Current Ratio and Acid Test Ratio), Asset Management or Activity Ratios and Financial Structure or Capitalisation Ratios (Debt: Equity Ratio, Debt Ratio and Interest Cover), Market Test Ratios (Earning Per Share).

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