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In my country, young people have a better life today than their parents enjoyed when they were young. Question 12 In general, people are living longer now.Which of the following do you think is the main cause of this phenomenon?After wait of many years, a day came of their reunion but once again, elder sister’s supernatural power of converting everything into ice became crucial obstacle between them.It hurt the younger sister’s health which took her to risk of life.Movies provides viewers with fascinating means of entertainment and learning.Movies are of myriad sorts and people watch movies according to their interest and mood, like movies portraying fantasy, horror, action, love story, animated cartoon etc.

This movie might be the best mix of emotion, comedy, action and message of any movie ever.In the TOEFL writing section you'll get two essay questions.First is the Integrated Essay where you must compare an academic article to a lecture on the same topic.I have watched it so many times and each time it enticed my attention as I was watching it for first time.This movie is a masterpiece of beauty, sacrifices, tragic, misgivings and especially true love of two sisters.

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You can submit your essay by signing up for evaluation. (for en explanation of how these essays are structured and what makes them good TOEFL essays, check out my video lesson on You Tube) Question 1 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

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