Extended Essay Supervisor

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Extended Essay Supervisor

This is done through the supervision process, including the three mandatory reflection sessions and the completion of the Students should be encouraged to initiate discussions with their supervisor to obtain advice and information and the role of the supervisor should be explained to them so that there is a shared understanding of expectations and responsibilities.

However, the center of the page is large a blank area for comments with the following directive: “If appropriate, please comment on the candidate’s performance, the context in which the candidate undertook the research for the extended essay, any difficulties encountered and how these were overcome.However, in circumstances where the school deems it appropriate, students may undertake their research at an institute or university under the guidance of an external mentor.This must be with the agreement of the school, and the external mentor must be provided with a letter outlining the nature of the extended essay and clear instructions about the level of guidance that is permitted.If a supervisor suspects that the extended essay submitted for assessment by a student could not have been completed without assistance they are required to bring this to the attention of the Diploma Programme/extended essay coordinator, who in turn must inform the IB.This may then be investigated as a possible case of academic misconduct.

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The final session, a concluding interview, is also known as .

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