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Most rice farmers who are also into rice processing tend to active in the rice exporting industry.

So also investors who are interested in the business usually purchase in wholesale from rice mills – rice production companies and then export to their clients overseas.

Going forward, as the economy of the United States and other countries of the world continues to recover and consumers are expected to loosen their discretionary budgets, the industry is anticipated to experience growth.

The Rice Export industry is indeed a major sector of the economy of the United States of America and they generate several billion dollars annually from loads of rice export companies scattered all around the United States of America.

Players in the rice export industry primarily export well processed and bagged rice from one country to another.

The bags of rice are placed in containers or trucks and then they are shipped or transported via sea or land borders to the expected country.

We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample rice export marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for rice export companies. The fact that rice is a staple food that is consumed in all part of the world including places where it is difficult for farmers to grow rice or perhaps processed and packaged rice makes it a thriving and profitable business that an entrepreneur cum investor who is looking towards starting a business can successfully start.

For example, in some underdeveloped countries where they lack the machinery to produced finely finished parboiled rice, they tend to appreciate it when they are imported into their countries.

Joel Sutton® Rice Export Company will be involved in exporting well – processed and well – bagged short-grain rice, medium-grain rice and long-grain rice (both in organic and non – organic form) et al from different brands from the United States to other parts of the world.Little wonder parboiled rice from countries like Thailand and China are seen in almost every nooks and crannies of the world.Although there are loads of market for companies who are into rice exportation, but it is very important to state that rice exportation business is not is not a business that requires little start – up capital.Joel Sutton® Rice Export Company is in the rice export industry to service a wide range of clients all across the globe and of course to make profits, which is why we will ensure we go all the way to export a wide range of well packaged rice from top rice production brands in the United States and other countries of the world.We will ensure that we do all that is permitted by the law of the United States to achieve our aim and ambition of starting the business.

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The industry is responsible for the direct employment of thousands of people.

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