Explaining Methodology In A Dissertation

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In a literature dissertation, for instance, your methodology section might outline which texts you are analyzing, and explain what theoretical perspective informs your analysis. Got your dissertation methodology section drafted, and need an editor?

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In Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation, the authors explain that, for a dissertation in the social sciences involving human subject research, you should describe the context or setting of your study (ie: when and where you conducted your research), who participated in the study, what instruments or methods you used to collect data, and what procedures you used to complete your study and analyze your data.

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Experiments, surveys, interviews, and archival research are all examples of different tools used in different research methodologies. The methodology section of your dissertation is where you describe what you will do and how you will do it.

It’s where you outline the plan that you followed and the steps that you took in completing your research. The methodology section is important to your dissertation because it shows your reader how you went about finding your results.

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