Exercises For Creative Writing

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Behind him, nothing but ash-colored sky, bare trees, and plumes of smoke belching from the factory in the distance.

A lone sparrow rested on a branch, one beady eye watching.

For example, a whimsical visual poem by the late poet bp nichol contains only two words, blob and plop.

You could spend anywhere from five minutes to an hour on these exercises, depending on your interest and the directions your conversations take.Using writing exercises can also help you develop an effective writing process and practice writing in a relatively stress-free and productive way.Comparing your responses can help you get to know the other group members better and learn from one another in a constructive setting.By writing about the writing group, the way it is working, and the policies that you have established, your group can get to know one another’s preferences better, resolve potential problems, and learn to work together more effectively.Try some of the following strategies for thinking about your writing group: Every writer is different, and so, too, is every writer’s writing process.

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These creative writing activities or exercises can be used in a classroom or workshop situation.