Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework

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Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework

The “I didn’t know” excuse may be true in some cases, but it often depends on the situation.Sometimes teachers are not clear on what they expect students to do.

There are some students that have had this actually happen, but some may have encouraged their pet to destroy their homework, or they turned their back for a minute to do something and the dog actually chewed it up.

Using this excuse should be only when something has happened so if proof is needed you won’t be in deeper trouble.

There are so many excuses for not doing homework many choose to use them instead of taking time to do their work.

Other than that, it is interesting to see why people didn’t get their assignments done.

There are excuses that are obvious a student is lying while others some so out of touch with reality all you can do is laugh.

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''And computer crashes or accidently deleting work, are the perfect modern-day excuses to get out of homework. ''I'm sure all of us have at some time actually experienced the panic of losing documents as a result of a computer virus, accidental deletion or even spilling a drink onto a computer and causing a catastrophic crash." The study, which was carried out between the 13th and 23rd August found three quarters of teachers have noticed an upsurge in the number of pupils blaming technology for not doing homework.

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