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It can also help reduce costs and increase revenue -- two key areas in which your employer will be thrilled to see improvement.Brainstorming brings people together from all departments with different points of view to simultaneously concepts related to solving a particular problem.Committees are effective for problem-solving, particularly when there is a specific, ongoing issue to be addressed.For example, a “green committee” might initially form to develop a company-wide recycling program, addressing the initial problem of reducing waste in the workplace.She needs to get a better sense of how your skills and experience line up with the open role.She needs to figure out how likely you are to fit in with your prospective teammates.

” to “How would you handle falling short of your sales goal?

But since it was quite likely in an entry-level role, we wanted to see how an applicant imagined he or she would troubleshoot the situation.

This question is often phrased as “How would you handle…” followed by a challenge specific to the responsibilities of the role you’re interviewing for.

For example, if you're seeing a dwindling stream of repeat business, and need to solve the problem of why customers are not returning to your business, a customer survey can pose the question to current and past consumers.

This type of anonymous format allows people to provide honest feedback.

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