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Ethnographic Phd Thesis

The literature on travel demographics and mode choice provides information about individuals and their travel patterns at the aggregate level and by using variables such as income, race/ethnicity, gender, and age.

These findings provide useful insight into the modes that travelers use and the purpose, duration, and distance of trips.

People also manage the modal stigma of buses through such strategies as complaining, commiserating, destigmatizing the bus-riding experience, and reconceptualizing the bus-rider identity.

The use of metrics and analytics is now embedded in and directly impacting newsroom practice and routines.

Fewer disruptions occur in the tighter social space of the Rapid buses, while the Local bus experience includes ongoing disruptions to the social order.

This thesis argues for the urgent need to rethink that positioning, and offers an analytical framework to do so.

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This study focuses on five bus lines in Los Angeles running along several of the city's main thoroughfares as part of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) transit network - three established local (Metro Local) routes and two newer bus rapid transit (BRT or Metro Rapid) lines.

The findings suggest that life on buses includes a myriad of complex social and interpersonal interactions.

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It is written from the perspective of science and technology studies, in particular developments in actor-network theory, and draws on the notion of the assemblage from the work of Deleuze and Guattari.