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Essays To Submit

Postdocs, residents and other early-career trainees are eligible.The committee encourages essay submissions from authors training in fields such as neuroscience, law, medicine, philosophy, and many other social and natural sciences.They need to see your publication in published format.) • If possible, include the table of contents or the masthead of the issue your essay appears in. While this may not be required, it is professional and gives you an opportunity to make a connection with the editor.It also provides a space for you to include a full citation (name of publication, date of publication, and author contact information).

For example, edited by Jonathan Franzen is comprised of essays published in 2015.

But if your work was published in an online journal, consider it your responsibility to get your work to The Best American Essays editors.

Here’s what series editor Robert Atwan writes regarding online publications in his forward to : “Editors of online magazines and literary bloggers should not assume that appropriate work will be seen; they are invited to submit printed copies of the essays to the address above.

Please note that, owing to the increasing number of submission from online sources, materials that does not include a full citation (name of publication, date of publication, and author contact information) will no longer be considered.” Because editors of literary journals are often stretched for time and resources such as printer ink and paper, you the writer should not assume that your online publication was printed and submitted to Best American Essays.

In fact, assume it was not submitted, and plan to do this task yourself.

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If you’ve had an essay published in a literary magazine in 2016, it’s worth the effort to make sure that your work is considered for .