Essays On The Inferno Of Dante

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Essays On The Inferno Of Dante

World wide it is possible to see cultures and civilizations that have been destroyed by the efforts of missionaries and others to civilize and christianize those that were considered pagans.

These indigenous people lived a good life obeying their own laws and following their own religious practices.

For some the journey through darkness and despair must be faced and endured alone.

Dante's journey is one in which he faced and described what he perceived to be the sins of the world.

Their only "sin" was not to be baptized and to practice what was considered by Christians to be pagan beliefs.

"They sinned not; yet their merit lacked its chiefest Fulfillment, lacking baptism."(Dante, 1949, p92).

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This essay will demonstrate that there are many issues discussed in Dante's.

"Midway this way of life we're bound upon, I wake to find myself in a dark wood" (Dante, 1949, p71).

This could be said to be a representation of the psychological torment of many people who become depressed or unsure of their place in life.

It will be shown that even today, many people undertake a journey such as the one Dante describes.

It will also be shown that many of the sins that were considered worthy of hell in Dante's time are still considered by some people to be sins today.

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