Essays On Problems With Education

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Essays On Problems With Education

However, this essay will propose, instead, to postpone “broad” education until each child has had some experience at becoming an expert in some specialty. Surely one first needs to crawl and then walk before one can begin to run?

Of course, this also implies that we’ll need good theories of which such qualities would be desirable’and what kinds of curriculums could help to promote them.Some parents want their schools to prepare their children for future jobs and careers.Other parents want schools to teach specific sets of ideals and beliefs.A superficial survey won’t help because one cannot achieve much competence unless, along with each separate fragment of knowledge, one also knows enough about the reputation of that fragment’s source, its common exceptions, the contexts it works in, and (when it fails) some alternative paths. However as Freud recognized a century ago, most of those processes work in ways that can’t be directly observed by resources in other parts of your mind; indeed, the higher levels of our minds may even develop ways to suppress or censor such attempts!But you won’t be able to answer that unless you already have good answers to questions like: How do I make my decisions, and why? Nevertheless, by collecting and analyzing evidence, we still can manage to achieve useful levels of self-reflection.

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) Then you’re likely to “get confused”—and if you can’t find some compromise works, our theory suggests that this condition itself should turn on a higher level Critic—namely, one that can detect this particular kind of confusion, and suggest an appropriate remedy.

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