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While for a long time espionage essentially took place in the physical space, in the 21st century, it primarily takes place in the cyberspace.It should also be noted that, against common assumptions, the notion exclusively refers to the gathering of information and does not refer to covert operations carried out by secret services more generally.In face of these uncertainties, some authors have thus sought to establish abstract models for evaluation.

More recently, Kish and Turns 1995, Lafouasse 2012, and Chesterman 2006 came to the same conclusion, emphasizing that the legality of espionage should, as a result, be assessed in light of sectorial rules (whether human rights, humanitarian law, or also diplomatic law).

Although such operations are a very old and common practice, it is paradoxically not regulated by a single and coherent legal regime under international law.

Only the status of spies in times of war is, in fact, subject to specific international rules.

In legal scholarship, discussions have mainly focused on the legality of espionage under international human rights law.

Forms of espionage have become more diverse and sophisticated, involving a wide array of practices and actors.

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This often resulted in a literature that defended the legality of intelligence-gathering activities as conducted by US agencies.

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