Essays On Educational Experiences

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Essays On Educational Experiences

Thinking about the difference between hidden curriculums in schools and universities helps to explain why the hidden curriculum does not necessarily always have a negative impact on learners. (1968) argue that trying to be completely explicit about our expectations as assessors would restrict higher-level scholarship because students would simply have to follow specific instructions and memorise information from their teachers.

It is therefore desirable that some expectations are hidden or deliberately vague because students can only meet those expectations indirectly.

One of the scarcest resources for both teachers and pupils is time.

Looking at how time is prioritised has therefore been of great interest to researchers looking at what type of learning is valued since this will help to reveal the hidden curriculum.

A hidden curriculum is often easier to notice when resources are scarce.

Following Snyder's definition, a hidden curriculum is therefore what actually happens in our classrooms rather than what policy-makers say they want to happen.

Learning objectives for this chapter By the end of this chapter, we would like you: - To understand the concept of a hidden curriculum and how it relates to teaching children.

- To identify some of the unstated norms and expectations in your subject area.

If we accept the idea that each individual creates their own meaning, or even their own reality, then everyone has a unique experience of a curriculum based on their background and prior experiences.

This can therefore also be thought of as another type of hidden curriculum, but this time it is hidden from the teachers and policy makers rather than being hidden from the learners.

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One is in terms of the unstated expectations and norms that pupils must learn in order to perform well in assessments, and the other is the hidden goals of education.

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