Essays On Be Not Proud

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Essays On Be Not Proud

The field of gazing grain becomes a symbol of the mature age, and the setting sun becomes a symbol of her old age.

As soon as the narrator moves towards her eternal home, she becomes more mature and exhausted to resist death, and the things around her become animate.

One of the most powerful and captivating issues about poetry is the ability to describe the same themes in many different and unpredictable ways.

Constant discussions about death, its perception by people, and the possibility to avoid death seem to be the most frequent literary issues for consideration.

The narrator feels that everything around her is going to change and betray her.

by Dickinson are the two poems with different approaches to one problem.At the same time, it is clear that both authors portray death contrary to the popular beliefs presenting it as harsh, cruel, powerful, or supreme.They are not afraid of showing their own attitudes towards death, but, at this, they do not insist that their attitudes are the only correct ones.Dickenson defines death as a visit to the narrator according to which death takes her towards her eternal grave.In his turn, Donne tries to criticize death from numerous perspectives calling it a slave who does not have any control over the narrator.

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Just like Donne, this author tries to explain that death is not as invisible and intangible as many people tend to believe.

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