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Essay The Future City

Sims won't settle in our city without the basic wants and need provided for them in our city--and then our city won't be successful and grow.

--11lamlod , 24 October 2006 (UTC The future cities project is most likely not going to be one of the easiest projects that I am going to encounter.

Students design a virtual city using the Sim City computer game, compose a 1500 word research essay around the year's theme, construct a 3D scale model from recycled materials with a total cost of under 0, and prepare and perform a 5-7 minute presentation for compeition, using the model as a visual aid.

I found a lot of relevance in a lot of different information.

This will prove to be an increasingly difficult challenge, even though we aren't laying out the actual blueprints, but creating a tiny city on a board. The forest will still be preserved and even though in the future concrete and grounds will be more developed at least one tree in front of every house to keep pollution and our oxygen at least kind of healthy.

I've still only scratched the surface of what we will need in an actual city, but I have a feeling that once we begin the Sim City part, we will begin to understand what a proper community needs. Houses with motion censors and automatic bathrooms and lights. In top of factories and roof tops some large air purifier also to help the environment. Other ways and power plants to reduce the waste of energy by using energy in most places. All the buildings mad of strong yet light weight material.

I found a lot of help through the short films that we have viewed in class about these projects and what is expected from us as students and as dedicated workers.

I can see myself as an architectural designer and planner in this project, because I feel that I would be strong in that area.

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I know that in order for the future cities to be a success, we will need to be able to create an intricate system that will supposedly support our design for the city.

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